Empowering entrepreneurs to build Technology that Transforms industries.

An early stage fund created by Gen Z operators & seasoned veterans to support innovation, and to empower the next generations of entrepreneurs advancing humanity.

Who We Are

Bachmanity Capital is a Seed & Series A focused generalist fund focusing on exciting opportunities with established brands that have a proven track record of pushing the limits of innovation and achieving success. We leverage our massive A-list network of other distinguished investors, esteemed universities, celebrities/pro-athletes, influential members of Congress. By fostering a thriving ecosystem that transcends generations, we endeavor to bridge the gap in the venture world, while creating entrepreneurial opportunities for the youth in underrepresented communities.

More About Us

Investment Criteria


Industry Focus

We’re a generalist fund with past experience investing in Deep Tech, Space, B2B, Fintech, Consumer, AI, Prop Tech, Mental Health, and Entertainment



Our focus is Seed & Series A companies that have shown promising growth and traction in the market. We are also allocation 25% to later stage companies that have a proven track record of pushing the limits of innovation and achieving success


Team Experience

Founding team must be comprised of ambitious operators with first hand experience building and scaling in their industry. We look for people who are passionate, highly-motivated, and proven to execute on their goals. Founder-investor fit is important to us -- we believe in establishing close relationships with our founders, and growing with them.

Our Investments

We invest in entrepreneurs who facilitate product-led growth, who have specific insights and passions that equip them to solve problems.


Fund size




Average Check Size

How We
Add Value™

Our backgrounds as developers, operators, and founders fuel our obsession with adding real value. We empower ambitious people via capital.


We love founders. As developers, operators, and founders ourselves, we're empathetic to founder's needs, and appreciative of their visions. As young builders, we're active in communities producing the highest growth startups, granting us early access to key insights, great deals, and a massive competitive edge.


We have access to a massive network of founders, operators, VCs, accelerators, UHNWIs, policymakers, colleges, athletes, influencers top executives at big tech, unicorns, and Fortune 500 companies. Our network is a key resource we use to add value to our portfolio companies, get access to deal flow, co-investment opportunities, and subject matter expertise.


Our passion for community building inspired us to build an ecosystem within our fund--for resources founders can use. We support each other, tap in to all of our combined networks, like LPs and advisors, and act as one unit. We're excited about startups who are building their own ecosystems, and we want to be the first involved. We're fanatic about creating synergies across ecosystems.